“I am freaking out”

Believe me, I really don’t know from where to start-in this post and in my life after graduation.Yes, tomorrow is officially my last day in hostel and yes I am freaking out. I am freaking out! I can say it out loud.I am even thinking out loud,”Twinkle, you are  freaking out”. It feels like as if I am about to  perform on a big stage, in front of thousands of people and in my head it is as dense as London fog. Oh! I forgot to mention I recently had a chance to be a part of a big dance reality show, but I’ll share my experience in the next blog.But for now I really want to share my feelings. This is no joke. When  I hear people say  they don’t know what they want in life, my reaction has always been like “how can you stand not to know what you want in life”. Trust me, right now I have zilch idea about my life.

I highly value my education but there’s more than those books,there’s more than those fencing. There’s real world out there.World, I wish I am ready to face.”Breathe in , breathe out” my brain is constantly saying this to me because it is very well aware of the fact that cortisol and epinephrine have been released in my blood vessels. I cry  day in, day out. Figuring out a way to know what I really want to do .I see lots of Facebook posts of my friends  who are in big companies, friends who know what they want to do and phew! how sorted  theirs lives are !

Now a new phase of life awaits in front of me and I am sure YOU my  friend are feeling the same. No, I don’t have any advice and no I won’t say you should do this or that. But I’ll say what I have been told – HAVE PATIENCE.

Lets have patience and faith in ourselves.

In the dim background of our mind, we know what we ought to be doing but somehow we cannot start. -William James


A woman’s day

Who is a woman?

This is a question where answers vary. Answers vary from person to person, from community to community, you name it and you get plethora of answers. Their answers are their perception. So, I have mine too. According to Indian scriptures, a woman depicts ‘SHAKTI’  i.e. power. Lord Shiva himself believed that without Shakti he doesn’t have any expression. This is the importance of a woman- she is an epitome of strength, oh yes besides other epitomes she possesses.

Firstly, I really need to tell ‘FEW’ people that we, women too are children of nature like how you men are. Even we fall under same categories in ‘Animal Kingdom’ ( just like you do). So why are we celebrating International Women’s Day? I can think of two reasons! We celebrate something like this when we want to express our gratitude towards someone, out of sheer respect, this is the first. Secondly,when we NEED to remind the world regarding the extincting  importance, significance  or rights of someone. Needless to say why we are celebrating this day,which of course I do enjoy as I’ve seen some people showing their impeccable respect on this fine day…only! If there’s any third reason, be my guest.

Among all the not-so-good news(regarding women of course) we have been hearing in the media nowadays, I would like to point out that their are good people( yeah people includes men also!) who  are working for the betterment of women and empowering them too. Today I had got the chance to visit a village nearby our college. A program was organized by a social group and they had quite a few events. So, I was asked by one of my seniors to come and volunteer for this program and if time permits teach dance to the village girls. Though dance didn’t happen due to the prior events that were fixed but yes I with some other volunteers managed small wonderful girls. Self defense was one of the events and Delhi Police Force (commandos) had come to teach.Always eager to participate, I rolled up my sleeves. Believe me, the determination those officers had was immense. They taught us some basics for at least  two and a half hour.I being a city demoiselle felt so fierce, imagine how empowered those young or married village women would have felt. This mere thought as I’m writing this down now, makes me feel so happy. Even I witnessed group of married women, old one too, learning to read and write. Today, I realized what does it mean to be educated and how much this means to those women.

Women are lovely creatures so are men, respect each other. Happy Women’s Day. 🙂

A woman is the full circle.Within her is the power to create,nurture & transform.-Diane Mariechild

What do ‘I’ like ?

Yesterday I was going to meet my best friend, whom I had not met for a long time. I had to travel for 40 minutes. Usually when I travel I carry a book along, unlike this time. On the top, no earphones to entertain myself. So when I boarded the bus I started to find a way to indulge myself for 40 minutes. I had a window seat so I could watch all trees, the lanes and the traffic. I wont say suddenly but after sometime (and in a very slow pace) Isaac Newton visited my mind. Few days back I had listened to a TED talk and the speaker said ” …just because Issac Newton stopped learning, he started to think and created science..”. This line was resonating…and resonating ..and resonating ( in my head) and boom,  I got diverted to this exquisite word: SCIENCE. I asked myself,’ do I really like science or its just  some infatuation?’ I mean I knew that familiarity increases liking but then I am familiar with cooking and believe me its just no no for me. But then suddenly I wore this wry smile and said “haha because I know the answer” in  Hagrid’s voice ( remember Harry Potter!) : questions. Yes, I have loved questions more than their answers like, why stars shine, why earth rotates, why do we poop ( yes I had asked this to my mom when I was small ). My mother used to be furious because my questions were never ending. I remember asking her ” mommy when a person dies, does he feel anything after death?”  and I was in 5th grade I guess. So yes, I was pretty convinced that I love science.

But story didn’t end here. I got the answers of the other  “QUESTIONS” too! I am just an example of a girl who asks questions, questions about science. So there may be other girl out there who asks loads of questions about economics or a guy with questions regarding buildings and its structure. Also if someone really doesn’t know what he/she likes then go out, read, explore things someday or the other you will definitely come up with questions and you never know those questions may redefine your lives. Oh yes 40 minutes passed very fast by the way ;).

Here is the astronomically correct poem ‘Twinkle Twinkle little star’ which is my favorite poem. Enjoy it. 🙂

So, I twist and ….turn

First of all pardon me for being invisible for months. Being an engineering student is not easy. Also, in these past two months I had couple of dance competitions which I’ll talk about later.
In this post, I’ll jot down the feelings of a dancer which he/she usually encounter in competitions.
Dance is more deeper than it seems . If one understands this art ,then there is no other beauty to match it with .
Basically three things happen when you enter in a competition. Some may love you, some will make fun and some will remain neutral like they don’t care. But no one will hate you. Yes, it doesn’t matter how bad you dance or how good you dance, if you dance it with your core, people will be always be pleased. There are people who are die hard fans ,who always scream your name and there are some folks who are well.. die hard jealous pot who after seeing your dance will not talk to you at all. The beauty of this is, they are easily distinguishable *evil laugh,haha*. Also, this is true for any other art or field, where people come across these situation and anyone can certainly see it. Hence, I twist for my well wishers and for those whose work in this whole wide world is to pull you down…..I just turn around and move on. 😉

Save the dance…for today

”You must have chaos within you to give rise to

a dancing star.”

– Friedrich Nietzsche

This quote is indeed intriguing. It may seems like a baffling statement,but the very moment you get this,trust me,it may turn out to be one inspirational  thought of the day.

Dance has the decencies of life, it stores the rage  of   Lord Shiva Natraja. Enriched with the jewels of nature, dance speaks the words of humanity. Today is one of the many reasons to experience the jewel we possess , its World Dance Day. So big deal?? Well, i guess.We  humans relay on the external forces to act upon something, whether its pressure of exams or some wedding ceremony. We need a “reason” to do something. For those whose  daily routine  lacks   dance, this evening should be special. Happiness is the ultimate goal of our lives and what could be more joyous than grooving on Jason Mraz ‘s music with your spouse or doing rock and roll with your children on Elvis Presley. Now for me its a normal day BUT I will dance this evening , because I have got a reason to dance :).

Happy World Dance Day

Is it that hard…??

Frankly ,I never liked dance when I was first being introduced to it. I was like “who dances on this music”. So basically my problem was music. What I was being attracted to was hip-hop genre. When I had realized this , I used to dance all day long. So basically when someone starts dancing I would suggest that person to first explore the varied genres which appeal to you,as this will strengthen your mind frame regarding dance. This is what I did. So whether you like Contemporary, Jazz , Ballet, Bharatnatyam , Rumba or Jive (etc) go for it. It is very important to connect with the music .The very intricate and minute postures will only come to life when the soul or in a more empirical way, when our brains give cent percent attention to them. In all, hard is just an antonym of easy. Just like in physics ,there is frame of reference to see the relative motions in which none of the observers are wrong. Similarly ,to see dance as a hard job or easy depends on how  you see it.

And here it goes….my first spin

Dance….its more than just a word, a verb. Dance is Elysium.Its a rhythmic flow ,in which your whole body grooves.From beating of heart , flow of stream to the sound of raindrops etc., all have startling rhythm and one doesn’t need a boombox to be a dancer. I have always been passionate about dance.I started at a very tender age of 5, but couldn’t gain conscious regarding the magnificent power it has in store until people started acknowledging me and by seeing their happy and cheerful faces. Also, what could be more enthralling than jotting down my dancing experiences, encounters , observations ,and exploring the world. For the very first time, pursuing my amateur writing hobby in this space will be altogether going to be an experience on its own. So here it goes…..my first spin.