Is it that hard…??

Frankly ,I never liked dance when I was first being introduced to it. I was like “who dances on this music”. So basically my problem was music. What I was being attracted to was hip-hop genre. When I had realized this , I used to dance all day long. So basically when someone starts dancing I would suggest that person to first explore the varied genres which appeal to you,as this will strengthen your mind frame regarding dance. This is what I did. So whether you like Contemporary, Jazz , Ballet, Bharatnatyam , Rumba or Jive (etc) go for it. It is very important to connect with the music .The very intricate and minute postures will only come to life when the soul or in a more empirical way, when our brains give cent percent attention to them. In all, hard is just an antonym of easy. Just like in physics ,there is frame of reference to see the relative motions in which none of the observers are wrong. Similarly ,to see dance as a hard job or easy depends on how  you see it.


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