A woman’s day

Who is a woman?

This is a question where answers vary. Answers vary from person to person, from community to community, you name it and you get plethora of answers. Their answers are their perception. So, I have mine too. According to Indian scriptures, a woman depicts ‘SHAKTI’  i.e. power. Lord Shiva himself believed that without Shakti he doesn’t have any expression. This is the importance of a woman- she is an epitome of strength, oh yes besides other epitomes she possesses.

Firstly, I really need to tell ‘FEW’ people that we, women too are children of nature like how you men are. Even we fall under same categories in ‘Animal Kingdom’ ( just like you do). So why are we celebrating International Women’s Day? I can think of two reasons! We celebrate something like this when we want to express our gratitude towards someone, out of sheer respect, this is the first. Secondly,when we NEED to remind the world regarding the extincting  importance, significance  or rights of someone. Needless to say why we are celebrating this day,which of course I do enjoy as I’ve seen some people showing their impeccable respect on this fine day…only! If there’s any third reason, be my guest.

Among all the not-so-good news(regarding women of course) we have been hearing in the media nowadays, I would like to point out that their are good people( yeah people includes men also!) who  are working for the betterment of women and empowering them too. Today I had got the chance to visit a village nearby our college. A program was organized by a social group and they had quite a few events. So, I was asked by one of my seniors to come and volunteer for this program and if time permits teach dance to the village girls. Though dance didn’t happen due to the prior events that were fixed but yes I with some other volunteers managed small wonderful girls. Self defense was one of the events and Delhi Police Force (commandos) had come to teach.Always eager to participate, I rolled up my sleeves. Believe me, the determination those officers had was immense. They taught us some basics for at least  two and a half hour.I being a city demoiselle felt so fierce, imagine how empowered those young or married village women would have felt. This mere thought as I’m writing this down now, makes me feel so happy. Even I witnessed group of married women, old one too, learning to read and write. Today, I realized what does it mean to be educated and how much this means to those women.

Women are lovely creatures so are men, respect each other. Happy Women’s Day. 🙂

A woman is the full circle.Within her is the power to create,nurture & transform.-Diane Mariechild