Save the dance…for today

”You must have chaos within you to give rise to

a dancing star.”

– Friedrich Nietzsche

This quote is indeed intriguing. It may seems like a baffling statement,but the very moment you get this,trust me,it may turn out to be one inspirational  thought of the day.

Dance has the decencies of life, it stores the rage  of   Lord Shiva Natraja. Enriched with the jewels of nature, dance speaks the words of humanity. Today is one of the many reasons to experience the jewel we possess , its World Dance Day. So big deal?? Well, i guess.We  humans relay on the external forces to act upon something, whether its pressure of exams or some wedding ceremony. We need a “reason” to do something. For those whose  daily routine  lacks   dance, this evening should be special. Happiness is the ultimate goal of our lives and what could be more joyous than grooving on Jason Mraz ‘s music with your spouse or doing rock and roll with your children on Elvis Presley. Now for me its a normal day BUT I will dance this evening , because I have got a reason to dance :).

Happy World Dance Day

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