So, I twist and ….turn

First of all pardon me for being invisible for months. Being an engineering student is not easy. Also, in these past two months I had couple of dance competitions which I’ll talk about later.
In this post, I’ll jot down the feelings of a dancer which he/she usually encounter in competitions.
Dance is more deeper than it seems . If one understands this art ,then there is no other beauty to match it with .
Basically three things happen when you enter in a competition. Some may love you, some will make fun and some will remain neutral like they don’t care. But no one will hate you. Yes, it doesn’t matter how bad you dance or how good you dance, if you dance it with your core, people will be always be pleased. There are people who are die hard fans ,who always scream your name and there are some folks who are well.. die hard jealous pot who after seeing your dance will not talk to you at all. The beauty of this is, they are easily distinguishable *evil laugh,haha*. Also, this is true for any other art or field, where people come across these situation and anyone can certainly see it. Hence, I twist for my well wishers and for those whose work in this whole wide world is to pull you down…..I just turn around and move on. 😉